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1. Our Service

From listening to our customers we are able to provide the best customer service.

2. Warranty

We provide a one year warranty from the date when commissioning is accepted.

3. Commissioning

We are responsible for equipment installation and commissioning on a gratuitous basis, and to provide relevant training for operations and maintenance personal on site. Once installation is complete and commissioning is acceptable, our commissioning personnel will leave after your consent through signature.

4. Training

Additional training after the commissioning period will be at the customer’s expense and based on: An eight hour day, flight, meals, vehicle rental, and hotel accommodations.

5. Maintenance

During the use of the equipment if you encounter any problems that cannot be solved by your Team, our company will send an experienced Technician / Engineer to the site within 72 hours upon receiving your notification (except force majeure).

6. Lifetime Service

When the warranty period expires, we will provide you with a lifetime of service and offer you spare parts at affordable prices. Our Machine Shop will always be able to produce any part on our machines. Our Electrical Department will be able to solve electrical issue on our machines.

Our customers will always have a functioning machine.

7. Documentation

Our company establishes a detailed service file for each of our customers so we can share documents with them.


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